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Kaleidoscope is a butterfly conservation group dedicated to educating communities about different ways to conserve this species and species alike. Kaleidoscope's branding was inspired by many factors including color, type, patterning, and the movement of insects. The word Kaleidoscope has different meanings, among them is a large group of butterflies flying south during the cold winter months and returning to the north in the spring and summer.
My strategy was to create a colorful and informative organization that actively reached out to the community in order to educate and encourage the community to get involved in invertebrate conservation. My branding campaign consists of and identification app, an educational website, promotional posters, and a public educational art event.

POSTER DESIGNThese posters were hung around the university to encourage the community, students, and faculty to participate in invertebrate conservation. They also promoted the educational art event held by the organization. Printed on handmade seed paper, these posters were completely biodegradable and grow to become butterfly bushes.

The purpose of this app is to help someone quickly identify a species of butterfly common to where they’re living. Someone can enter their email address and sign into the app. After signing in, they will select their location. After selecting location, the user can take a picture of the species in question. The app will recognize the butterfly based on the database then display further information about that butterfly. After identifying a butterfly the user has the option to add it to their own personal collection of invertebrates which they can view at any time.

I designed a website for Kaleidoscope that features up to date news, resources, guidelines, red lists, ways to get involved, about their organization, and a place to contact them.

I created an art event to educate the community about the conservation and preservation of butterflies. I invited the Muncie community to join me in origami folding and a short lecture on how you can help the butterfly community.